4 Things To Consider With Event Photographers in Bogota

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February 4th, 2021 – Bogotá, COLOMBIA.

Corporate Events in Colombia are common place, with international and local businesses alike. Unsurprisingly, many businesses find it an ideal location for their event in Bogota, or Medellin. For reasons such as, hosting conferences, workshops, team-building events, or promotional vacations. Comparatively, there is also a demand for event photographers in Bogota to cover such events. Today we briefly run-through 4 things to consider when contracting event photographers in Bogota.

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Bogota photographers

Choosing Event Photographers in Bogota

Choosing an event photographer in Bogota may seem like a trivial task. But it’s not, especially in this day and age, when anyone with a camera can set up a website claiming to be a photojournalist. Simply put, there are a number of factors to consider when contracting event photographers in Bogota. To save you from falling prey to self-claimed shutterbugs. Here we have some of the necessary factors one needs to consider when contracting event photographers in Bogota.

Revise Their Colombia Event Photography Portfolio

Scanning a Bogota photographers event portfolio is crucial to evaluate their skill-level and their style. By reviewing each photo, you should not only be able to identify if their vision coincides with your expectations. But we recommend asking yourself a number of questions. Such as, How are their photos composed and framed? Is there a good mixture of close up photos and photos from a distance? Do the photos convey body language? In the case of corporate events, do they minimize the number of empty seats at the event? Every Bogota photographers skillset and vision is different, prices will vary accordingly based on this and a number of other factors.

Check Your Bogota Photographers Specialty

If you are seeking a Bogota event photographer who specializes in capturing raw and authentic moments between people. And, conveys the aura of your event, then you should not be considering landscape photographers in Bogota (for example). Why? Because their subjects are static, and entail no human engagement.

Similarly, if you want to capture corporate events in Bogota. You want the photos to convey a professional atmosphere, in their framing and post-production, which is not every Bogota photographers speciality. Hence, you need to consider what style of photography you need for your event in Bogota, and then look for photographers in Bogota who specialize in that area.

Professional Experience, Workflow Process And Photo Delivery

Once you have narrowed down your choices of event photographers in Bogota, it is worthwhile getting a better idea of their professional experience, workflow processes and most importantly…photo delivery. You don’t want to be waiting 30-60 days for photos if you want to do a publication of the event 1 week later. Ask them everything that will help you assess their ability, to ensure they coincide with what you are seeking. For example, you should ask them about their professional experience, deposit required to guarantee services, camera and lighting equipment they use, their dress code, their photography style, etc.

All this, and their abilty to communicate professionally and within a timely manner will also give you an idea about their personality and attitude. You want to hire Bogota event photographers who are approachable self-starters. And are able to work with minimal orientation and without interrupting the core activities of the event itself.

Terms and Conditions Of Work

Event Photography in Bogota is quite a regular business. And they are generally highly sought after (when not experiencing the current COVID-19 pandemic). They should be able to provide you with a contract that will need to be signed, along with a deposit, to guarantee their services on a specified date. This contract should stipulate key factors such as dates and times of work, delivery times of photos, AND image rights. Whilst for most businesses this is not an issue. Some corporate clients may request buying the intellectual property rights outright from the Bogota event photographer. This means the photographer is unable to exhibit said images in their event photography portfolio. Thus the client will be the sole intellectual property owner of the photos.

Lastly, do take into consideration the deposit you pay your chosen event photographer is generally non-refundable. As that money is used to guarantee your event date, and as a result, the Bogta photographers may be required to reject other business requesting that date. That money is also contemplates time-spent on all communication between you prior to the event, and maintaining a sustainable business.

Are you hosting events in Bogota, or Medellin and looking for event photographers in Colombia to convey your special event? Reach out to us at Chrome Haus today, and let´s have a pressure free chat.