Chromehaus Productions

About Us


Founded originally by a couple of British professional creatives in Mexico City, we are a commercial photography company now based out of Bogota in Colombia with a focus on providing a fully fledged photography production service in Colombia. Loaded with a professional etiquette that oozes innovation, creativity and emotion, we go out of our way to facilitate professional photography projects at a price that won´t break the bank but doesn´t compromise on image quality.  Whilst we are based in Bogota, by no means do we restrict ourselves to just the one city, that would just be bonkers! We facilitate a down-to-earth and comprehensive service as commercial photographers nationwide.


We lend experienced and knowledgeable professional photographers in Bogota and Medellin, to carry out commercial projects with a photographic need. Our creative team works primarily as architecture and interiors photographersconference and event photographersadvertising photographers. With a corporate mindset that seeks to excel where others fail, we strive for perfection and long term business alliances.


We have had the privilege of working with a multitude of clients, large and small… which means we don´t discriminate. We consider all commercial photography projects in Colombia, regardless of size or sector, location or need. But that is enough about us, let us come and meet you in person to discuss your requirement, and you can decide for yourselves if we are the commercial photographers in Bogota that are best suited for your project. We can talk you through how we manage every aspect of your project, from the start through to delivery of the professional photos, and within budget! 

We are a dynamic and professional commercial photography company with a base in Bogota. We love to fulfil professional photography projects with an innovative flare and make them palpable and unique! Get in touch!