Chromehaus Productions

About Us


Founded originally by a couple of British professional creatives in Mexico City, we are a commercial photography company now based out of Bogota in Colombia with a focus on providing a fully fledged photography production service in Colombia. Loaded with a professional etiquette that oozes innovation, creativity and emotion, we go out of our way to facilitate professional photography projects at a price that won´t break the bank but doesn´t compromise on image quality.  Whilst we are based in Bogota, by no means do we restrict ourselves to just the one city, that would just be bonkers! We facilitate a down-to-earth and comprehensive service as commercial photographers nationwide.


We lend experienced and knowledgeable professional photographers in Bogota, Medellin and now Cartagena, to carry out projects with a professional photography requirement. Our creative team works primarily as architecture and interiors photographersevent photographerslifestyle photographers. With a corporate mindset that seeks to excel where others fail, we strive for perfection and long term business alliances.


For those seeking the epitome of refinement in commercial photography, we offer our expertise. Our team of highly skilled photographers, based in Bogota, is proud to serve discerning clients throughout Colombia, including Medellin and Cali. We are dedicated to crafting images that embody the essence of your brand with elegance and finesse.

From conceptualization to final delivery, we attend to every detail of your project with the utmost care. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that your professional photos will be a true representation of your brand’s sophistication and prestige. With our passion for photography and commitment to exceptional service, your project is in capable hands. Contact us today to learn how we can bring your brand to new heights through the art of professional photography.