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We facilitate comprehensive professional photography services in Bogota and Medellin in Colombia. We accommodate commercial and corporate image projects throughout Colombia within your budget. We ensure everyone’s expectations are aligned prior to commencing any project, and any concerns are dealt with at outset.

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As commercial photographers in Bogota and Medellin, we adopt a crystal clear approach, with no hidden surprises. We also embrace a unique vision that absolutely focuses on client service, before, during and after project completion. With an innovative vision and a professionally competent skillset, we ensure we are always one step ahead. We review your commercial photography requirement and may make suggestions where necessary. 

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We accommodate projects nationwide without the need for our clients having to splash out on unnecessary travel expenses. Our creative team is located in Bogota and Medellin offering event, lifestyle and professional photography.

You can view a sample of our specialities as: Architecture and interiors photographers, Corporate and Event photographers, and finally; Advertising and Lifestyle  photographers.

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Aesthetically clean professional photography for commercial  brands.


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ETH Global | Event Coverage in Bogota

ETH Global hosted approached Chrome Haus Productions to provide event coverage of their 3 day conference in Bogota, Colombia and provide a same day turnaround time on the highlights of the day. Attended by approximately 500 persons from around the world, the event included diverse talks on aspects of crypto, programming and hackathons with prizes. The event took place at the Agora in Bogota. Here’s a light summary of the photography coverage in Bogota.