The Ultimate Wardrobe Guide for Professional Headshots in Mexico

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January 7th, 2021 – Mexico City, MEXICO.

Professional headshots in Mexico are the perfect tool to inspire confidence with potential clients. It allows people to easily put a name to a face. Rather than clients question the legitimacy of a dodgy pixelated image that has been pulled off google. Whilst every company is unique and has their own ethos on attire, image and the environment headshots are shot in. We give your our recommendations with the ultimate wardrobe guide for professional headshots in Mexico.

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Understanding The Need For Professional Headshots in Mexico

Working with professional photographers in Mexico can warrant some serious dressing up, so that the subjects look their absolute best. Be it a commercial advertising shoot with models on the beach in Cancun or an urban fashion shoot in downtown Mexico City; The models need to dress to the nines, and the scene needs to be stellar to create impact. Likewise, when getting your professional headshots in Mexico done, company employees need to don the most befitting corporate attires to exude professionalism and class.

But the key to successful professional headshots in Mexico, is wearing outfits that represent the professional field you represent.

For instance, people working at a law company in Mexico City should ideally put on a black or a navy blue suit, and white shirt to coincide with their corporate image. Whereas someone working in a creative line of work can wear pretty much anything they are comfortable in, even something flamboyant! As long as it’s presentable.

Appearing pertinent to the field a professional represents, can be done in more than one way. But there are a few universal wardrobe options that work with particular businesses. Here is a list of sartorial styles used in corporates, that can be adapted when you work with your Mexico City professional photographers.

Professional Headshots in Mexico - Best Practices for Women

  • For women, the best route to dressing appropriately for Mexico professional headshots is wearing a tailored suit with a fitted jacket, blouse, complimentary trousers or skirt, and shoes.
  • The jacket should be body fitted, so as to give a formal look. Padded shoulders are also okay as long as they are not too prominent.
  • For the blouse, something light and flimsy that will cut the sleekness of the outer blazer. A light coloured silky inner shirt is also a decent option to wear underneath the jacket as it looks great on camera.
  • The colours of the complete outfit should create a balanced look. If you plan to wear a dark-coloured jacket, you should choose a white or pastel shade inner blouse. You can also select a solid-coloured top with silky accents to add texture to your picture.
  • For accessories, a pair of simple earrings with a chain bracelet is fine. If you also wish to wear a necklace, then considering wearing studs in place of earrings.

Casual Headshots in Mexico - Casual Look For Women

  • Wrap dresses are an excellent choice for a casual look. You can also wear a tank top and tuck it in your high waisted pair of pants.
  • For accessories, choose something elegant, even if it a little playful, such as flower-shaped studs.

Professional Headshots in Mexico – Best Practices for Men

  • The classic corporate look for Mexico professional headshots for men, is a bespoke black or navy suit with a crisp white dress shirt. Put on a bright-coloured tie to add personality to your picture, but ties with vibrant or colourful patterns should be avoided.
  • You can also choose a pale coloured shirt instead of white, such as French blue. But then you need to be careful with the tie; it shouldn’t be too vibrant.
  • If the photo crop is at the waist, your tie should extend to your belt. And not be too short, nor too long.
  • Try to stick with plain dress shirts without prints, but if you wish to spruce up your look a little, don a striped shirt.

Casual Headshots in Mexico - Casual Look For Men

  • People assume that dress shirts do not work with a casual look, but that’s not true. You can do a lot with a dress shirt yet keep the outfit unceremonious. Wear a pair of jeans to dress down your shirt, or you can swap it with a casual t-shirt and top it off with a blazer.
  • Make sure you choose the colours wisely so that any one article of your entire look doesn’t overpower the others.

The Bottom Line – Professional Headshot Photographers in Mexico

Whether you choose to stay formal or decide to go casual, be sure you wear a believable smile and match your field of work visually.

Want to know more about professional headshots in Mexico and contract Chrome Haus Productions for the job? We have ample experience with corporate portraits in Mexico City, Monterrey and Cancun and would love to hear from you. Get in touch!