What Is Commercial Photography?

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November 9th, 2020 – Mexico City, MEXICO.

With the rapid growth of digital marketing, the need for commercial photography in Mexico continues to grow significantly.

But not everyone understands the meaning of “commercial photography”. It is perceived by many as being about an extensive commercial shoot in a van-guard studio for business adverts with large corporates and deep-pockets.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at this genre and see how your business can benefit from commercial photography in Mexico.

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Commercial Photography in Mexico

Commercial photography in Mexico photography typically evolves around creating compelling and high-quality imagery and videography. Common uses in Mexico commercial photography are for tourism. For example, Cancun photography and attracting tourists with the Visit Mexico campaign, commercial marketing and branding purposes. Lightly put, it is photographing a concept that will be used to sell a product or service.

These high-quality images are mainly shot for advertising, product packaging, or to sell products or services.

In most cases, commercial photographers in Mexico are employed by a company or a brand to capture high-quality and appealing images for product or service promotion.

There are many types of commercial photography in Mexico, including architecture photography, corporate and event photography, advertising photography, and more.

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Architecture Photography in Mexico

Mexico Architectural photography involves photographing exteriors and/or interiors of residential or commercial spaces for brand purposes.

In the case of Chrome Haus Productions. One of our commercial photographers shoots eye-catching imagery of hotels, private residences, office spaces, shopping malls, and much more. Mexico City Architects or architectural firms who want to display their work hire Mexico architecture photographers at Chrome Haus Productions to capture compelling images of their work.

Home-owners and Real Estate Agents in Mexico can also work with our Mexico architecture photographers when they want to capture their building’s design elements. Whether you want beautiful images for your small residential space or commercial space, working with Mexico architecture photographers at Chrome Haus Productions can help you convey that design space as you envisioned.


Corporate and Event Photography in Mexico

With Chrome Haus Productions, Corporate photography in Mexico covers diverse spectrum of a needs. Ranging from corporate portraits of company employees. To visually documenting people collaborating in a working environment, and much more.

Chrome Haus Productions understands that corporate photography in Mexico plays a vital role in brand awareness. Visual material obtained from corporate photography in Mexico can be used for marketing material, organizational brochures and commercial publicity.

Our team of event photographers in Mexico have a thorough understanding of what event photography entails. Providing visual coverage of key corporate events, such as conferences, trade shows, product launches, collaboration announcements.

Advertising photographers Mexico City

Advertising Photography in Mexico

Advertising photography is all about capturing quality of a concept (physical product or service) with the aim of attracting and engaging a specific or general audience via digital or printed medium. Mexico boasts an infinite number of diverse locations, landscapes and environments where such campaigns can take place.

At Chrome Haus Productions, our primary purpose with advertising photography in Mexico is to understand how our clients would like to appeal to their specific genre. This permits our Mexico advertising photographers to visually convey your brand need in the most effective way possible. With maximum impact and entice as many clients as possible.

With advertising photography and videography, the devil is truly in the detail. And if you seek to advertise your concept or services on social media platforms or in printed medium, you will want to have quality imagery and videography. Chrome Haus Productions in Mexico is prepared to go the extra mile, and deliver commercial photography and videography material that will leave your clients in awe.

5 Reasons Commercial Photography in Mexico is Good For Your Business

Every business wants to stand out far from the maddening crowd, gain traction, and ultimately…beat the competition. However, quickly catching the attention of potential clients and retaining them in business is not so easy.

Chrome Haus Productions understands this is where commercial photography in Mexico comes into play. In a nutshell, commercial photography and videography visually showcases your business. We confide in what we do and that commercial photography adds tremendous value to your brand.

Commercial photography serves as a catalyst to capture your targets attention and make your business more memorable and impactful, to potential future (and exisitng) clients.

Here are 5 key benefits you will obtain from working with commercial photographers in Mexico :

1. Enhance Your Business Image

If you want to attract potential clients attraction and retain them, you will want to create a lasting and impactful first impression. In our crazy world today, most people want to shop online, and they flick through different websites or commercial adverts before deciding on what to purchase and where.

Using commercial photography in Mexico for your business will ensure you have quality and attractive images for your products to enhance your professional image.

High-quality photos are likely to capture potential clients attention and help them understand your business. They will also give your business a more trustworthy and professional feel.

2. Increases Your Brand Awareness and Eminence

Mexico Commercial photographers focus on helping you create a long-lasting impression on potential clients. Utilizing creative images of your concept will increase the overall company awareness to your audience over time.

When your company is having a corporate event or special occasion, we always recommend hiring a commercial photographer in Mexico to capture images of the event. This visual material can then serve as marketing and publicity material. Thus meaning you can post the event pictures to your company website, digital or printed brochures, or for us on social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

This will Improve your brand prominence and let more people know about your company and your corporate offering.

3. Helps You Target Your Social Media Audience

If you want to increase your business status, you can use quality images to target your social media audience. Commercial photographers in Mexico help add competitive creativity into your company’s promotion tactics by producing images that show a professional and active business. Then you add these photos to your social media pages and tag respective businesses or share it with your audience on various social platforms.

This shows that your business is proficient in providing quality products or services to a broad and dynamic audience. Tagging individuals or business alliances in your posts can also provide a sense of value and appreciation to those individuals, partners or alliances tagged. This will also improve customer loyalty.

4. Convenience and Flexibility

When it comes to convenience and flexibility in campaign promotion, there is nothing that beats commercial photography.

This is because our Mexico commercial photographers already have it in mind that they are capturing photographs for specific brand awareness. And being familiar with the area of work in Mexico, they know how to manage expectations. Mexico commercial photographers can work according to your creativity and vision.

Working with Chrome Haus Productions in this regard saves you time and money you may spend when trying different photographers to see what works for your campaign.

5. Continuity

By working with Mexico commercial photographers constantly, ensures you have consistently new visual material. This inspires confidence in your brand and in potential clients, meaning they see you are actively marketing digitally or via printed medium.

This also inspires trust, appeal and ultimately, business growth! After all, nobody wants to work with a company that uses outdated commercial photos or worst still…A company that has no commercial photography material to exhibit its most recent success stories. Don’t be the odd one out!

Commercial Photographers in Mexico – Conclusion

Commercial photography can visually project your corporate image, professional know-how, inspire trust and enable you to take your business to the next level.

Regardless of whether you offer a C2B or B2B service. It aids individuals and businesses alike, to highlight the best aspects of what they want to sell to attract new, and repeat business. If you are in need of commercial photographers in Mexico to fulfil your campaign need with photography and videography, we would love to hear from you. Get in Touch!