GBTA Conference 2024 | Event Photographers in Mexico City

GBTA approached us once more to provide our of Event Photographers in Mexico City at their annual conference at the prestigious Hilton Reforma in Mexico City. The 3 day event attracted approximately 400 delegates from all over to engage in this intrigueing corporate event. Read on!

Krispy Krunchy Chicken Annual Conference 2024 | Event Photographers Cancun

Krispy Krunchy Chicken, renowned for its flavourful food offerings, embarked on a collaboration with Chrome Haus Productions for the photography and videography of its 4-day annual conference at the JW Marriott in Cancun. This annual event provided a feast of captivating information for its attendees, as workshops, roadmaps, tradeshows, Q&A sessions and special guest speakers captivated the audience at this spectacular networking opportunity in Cancun, Mexico

ICEF Global Roadshow Mexico 2024 | Event Photographers Mexico City

ICEF Global once again selected Chrome Haus Productions as their corporate photography partner for the Mexico-Colombia Roadshow 2024. The event took place at the Hilton Mexico City Reforma, where our team was on hand to visually document crucial moments, including networking sessions and authentic interactions among attendees. Dive into the detailed photographic coverage we provided for this superb event in Mexico City.

Fireblocks Spark ´23 Global Summit in Tulum | Event Photographers Tulum

Chrome Haus Productions was approaching by Fireblocks to photograph their 3 day annual conference in Tulum. An extravagant summit with approximately 600 attendees and hosted at the Hilton Tulum. Touching on diverse topics relating to the crypto market, regulation, innovation and roadmaps.

CALA Leadship Summit 2023 in Cancun

Chrome Haus was approached by JW Marriott hotels to provide extensive photography and videography coverage of this enticing 3 day Leadership summit in Cancun of approximately 800 Marriott Bonvoy associates. Read on to see some of the highlights from this extravagant corporate event in Cancun.

United For Wildlife – Latin America Chapter Launch

Discover the United for Wildlife Latin America Chapter Launch in Santa Marta, Colombia, hosted at the prestigious Irotama Resort. This 3-day event, captured by Chrome Haus Productions, featured captivating highlights. United for Wildlife, a part of The Royal Foundation, started with a cocktail evening and networking on day 1. Day 2 showcased guest speakers and engaging workshops, while day 3 marked the release of turtles and sharks into the ocean at CORPAMAG’s Marina Fauna Rescue Centre. Relive this exceptional experience through our curated gallery, immersing yourself in its remarkable moments.

MonstarLab | Photography of Team Building Event in Bogota​

MonstarLab is a global and innovative technology company that engineers platforms and products to facilitate a diverse need. They recently approached Chrome Haus Productions in Colombia to visually document a team building event they were hosting in Bogota.

Why Professional Videographers in Mexico Are Important For Marketing

Businesses are consistently seeking innovative ways to market their company products or services. With an ever growing multitude of social media platforms that have arisen, the demand for video content has never been higher. Furthermore, Latin America has the highest demand for video content in the world. Now has never been a better time to contract professional videographers in Mexico for your next marketing campaign. And as a result, you can increase engagement with your brand and acquire new business. We discuss why professional videographers in Mexico are important for Marketing.

Tips on Hiring the Best Professional Photographers in Mexico

Contracting the best professional photographers in Mexico for your corporate or commercial need can be a chore. In an industry that has so many diverse specialities, where does one start? There are many factors to consider, from dress-code to camera gear and lighting to turn-around times. Here we touch on a few items that we consider should be food for thought. And help you contract the best Mexico photographers for your need.

4 Things To Consider With Event Photographers in Mexico

Corporate Events in Mexico are common place, with international and local businesses alike. Unsurprisingly, many businesses find it an ideal location for their event in Cancun, Monterrey or Mexico City. For reasons such as, hosting conferences, workshops, team-building events, or promotional vacations. Comparatively, there is also a demand for event photographers in Mexico to cover such events. Today we briefly run-through 4 things to consider when contracting event photographers in Mexico.